Boiler Tubing Custom Bent Tubing

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SCS – Your turn-key boiler tube and pressure part supplier.

SCS not only designs and manufactures our own boiler systems, but we also rehabilitate and maintain other vendor’s boiler systems. Whether just a few tubes for an unscheduled emergency or a complete set of boiler tubes, super heater tubes, super heater modules, headers and drums for a planned outage, our full service ASME code pressure part shop can provide replacement boiler tubes.

We service industries such as the sugar, petrochemical, wood, pulp & paper, utility as well as many others. With years of service to these industries, we have gathered and maintained a large library of drawings as a resource for assisting our valued clients.

SCS has all the capabilities that other  tube and pressure part suppliers offer, but what sets us apart is our  ability to offer engineering services and field support, on-site tube replacement with our construction division, and on-site assistance to help with pattern tube selection, marking and removal.

Furthermore, we can offer full ASME code calculations and value add engineering services to enhance lifespans of materials and increase steaming capacities or improve efficiency of your existing boiler. If you have a portion of your heat and energy system that is being replaced too frequently, let us find a solution that will improve the life span and reliability of that component.

SCS offers a 24 hour per day, 7 days per week response time.


Custom Bent Tubing – We can offer anything from a single tube emergency, up through a complete set of tubes for your boiler. If we do not have your particular drawing, we can reverse engineer from your pattern tubes and by our use of a full size template. You can be assured we will provide an exact replacement tube, and that the drawing and template will then be maintained in our library should the need ever arise again for additional tubes.

Swage Tubing – We offer in house tube swaging on our top of the line Mitchell Swager and by the use of inverse drawing, we are able to control and maintain the wall thickness of the swaged tube. Next, if required, would be the proper annealing per ASME Code, with full documentation maintained in the job file and available for your review upon completion of these critical operations.

Fabricated Products

Replacement and new superheaters drums, superheater headers, economizers, and finned tubes. We can provide you a complete in-kind replacement from your drawing(s) or pattern(s) or offer engineering solutions, such as upgrades, retrofit, etc.

Parts Sales

Tube Shields – We can offer these loose for field installation or replacement or attached at time of fabrication of new tubes.