Fuel Metering Equipment Metering Bins

The SCS metering bins product line offers the precise fuel control and fuel metering necessary for good combustion control and low emissions. The metering bins design, coupled with individual VFDs for each screw, allow the ability to precisely meter fuel onto the grate across a wide range of firing rates.

While completely customizable based on the client need, SCS’s fuel metering bins incorporate an industry proven design. They range from 15 minutes to 1 hour of fuel storage, depending on available space, and are provided with screw conveyors across the bin bottom. Two (2) metering screws per fuel distributor are included in the design which meter out fuel into each fuel feeder chute.


  • Industry proven design with uniform fuel metering
  • Fully customized to customer specification & process
  • Entire project lifecycle managed with SCS employees
  • Experienced in-house engineering, fabrication & construction teams

Available Services:

  • Full turn-key capabilities
  • Complete piping designs, foundations and electrical upon request
  • Stress analysis
  • Construction & engineering capabilities beyond integration points
  • Full range of aftermarket services
  • Quick deliveries based on production schedules


  • Ensures even distribution of fuel for optimal combustion environment
  • Improved system efficiency
  • Long product life (average 20+ years)
  • Significantly reduced maintenance & downtime costs