At SCS our goal is to ensure the success of our customers. We back up our entire product suite with a full range of services to guarantee the seamless integration of all of our equipment into your specific process or need.

Our team of dedicated and experienced team members, armed with the compiled best practices we’ve built and recorded throughout our 25 year history, have delivered consistent and predictable high quality and value to our customer base. As a result we have one of the strongest industry track records of customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Contact us today to see how we can leverage our service capabilities to make a positive impact on your business.

Engineering & Design

The engineering group at SCS is comprised of experienced engineers and industry thought leaders with highly specialized expertise within the heat and energy products we offer.


SCS offers a turn-key energy or heater installation, upgrade, retrofit or a maintenance engagement.


Should a change in fuel be required or a technology advancement to ensure greater efficiency, SCS can deliver a full rebuild or retrofit project, turn-key or in part within our entire product suite.


The fabrication division of SCS is a full service ASME code manufacturing and repair facility located domestically in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Aftermarket Services

At SCS our expertise can be leveraged to assist on a variety of projects on both our own and our competitors’ products. Engagements range from O&M consulting, safety audits, rebuild projects and maintenance work during planned and emergency outages.

Inspection & Testing

At SCS we extend our in-depth safety, inspection, and testing programs to our customers as a service within our aftermarket services offerings. Our goal is that our customers maintain an accident-free work place and an optimum operating environment for the owned equipment assets.

Boiler MACT Compliance

SCS can provide an array of services for Boiler MACT compliance projects from initial study through rehabilitation to annual tuning and calibration.

EPC Work

At SCS our EPC services include feasibility studies, engineering, design, fabrication, procurement, start-up and balance-of-plant services for both green field and brown field installations, delivered as a complete package, or on an a-la-carte basis.