Fuel Metering Equipment Ram Feeders

For customers with reciprocating grate boilers, SCS provides hydraulically actuated rectangular ram feeders to push fuel onto grates, which are fully customizable based on the customers specification.

The ram feeders extend the full width of the furnace to allow coverage of the grate area at a controlled fuel bed level from the first row of grates. As a result, the complete grate area forms an active drying, gasification and combustion area. An additional feature included in the feeder is the alarm system, which warns the operator in case of interruptions to fuel supply.

As with all SCS fabricated equipment, customized options are limitless, and the equipment is of the highest quality available in the marketplace. SCS can manage the entire lifecycle of the project with a turn-key solution or can deliver equipment and services in an a la carte fashion.


  • Industry proven design with uniform fuel metering
  • Fully customized to customer specification & process
  • Entire project lifecycle managed with SCS employees
  • Experienced in-house engineering, fabrication & construction teams

Available Services:

  • Full turn-key capabilities
  • Complete piping designs, foundations and electrical upon request
  • Stress analysis
  • Construction & engineering capabilities beyond integration points
  • Full range of aftermarket services
  • Quick deliveries based on production schedules


  • Ensures even distribution of fuel for optimal combustion environment
  • Improved system efficiency
  • Long product life (average 20+ years)
  • Significantly reduced maintenance & downtime costs