Stoker Replacement Parts Stoker Replacement Parts

SCS is a worldwide supplier of aftermarket spare and maintenance parts for manufacturing and plant facilities. We largely produce stoker replacement parts for boilers and combustion related equipment used in systems for heating, incineration, industrial processing, and electrical power generation.

SCS has been providing stoker spare parts for combustion, ash handling and fuel handling systems for over eighty years. Our principal customers include industrial power plants, municipal utilities, co-generators, waste-to-energy plants, pulp and paper mills, grain processor plants, universities, institutions and independent power producers. We understand that quality and reliability is key to your success. We focus on listening to our clients, understanding their problems and then presenting a solution. We do not focus on selling you something from a catalog; we solve the problem.

At SCS, we offer high quality castings and fabrications with the best price and delivery to help keep your boiler maintenance costs down and your efficiency high.

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SCS Aftermarket Replacement Parts for All Brands of Combustion Equipment:

We offer high quality replacement parts for Traveling Grates, Spreader Stokers, Water Cooled grates and Retorts. Such parts consist of:

  • Grate-related castings and fabrications
  • Rails
  • Tuyeres
  • Seals
  • Bearings
  • Tube Spacers
  • Sprocket and Chain Components
  • Cast Tube Shields
  • Hand Cuffs/Tube Alignment Castings
  • PC Burner Nozzles
  • Crusher Hammers
  • Fluid Bed Air Nozzles/Tuyeres
  • Factory Original Grate Bars and Grate Components
  • Fuel Feed Equipment
  • Hydraulic and Controls

SCS Offers Stoker Replacement Parts for All of the Following Name Brand Equipment:

  • American Engineering Stokers
  • Anthony-Ross Company
  • Asea Stal
  • Auburn
  • B&W Jet Ignition Stokers
  • Babcock & Wilcox Company
  • Bros
  • Combustion Engineering/ Alstom
  • Combustion Power Corporation
  • Detroit Stoker
  • Deutsche Babcock
  • Distral
  • Energy Products of Idaho (EPI)
  • Fives Cail
  • Foster Wheeler/Pyropower
  • General Electric
  • Gotaverken
  • GTS Energy Stokers
  • Hoffman Combustion Engineering
  • John Thompson
  • Kvaerner/Tampella/Metso
  • Laclede Stokers
  • Lambion
  • Martin GMBH
  • McBurney
  • Redler
  • Riley Power/Babcock Power
  • Steinmuller
  • Stock Equipment
  • Takuma
  • Taylor Stokers
  • Thermal Energy
  • Westinghouse Stokers
  • Williamson Stokers
  • Volund
  • Von Roll
  • Zurn/Aalborg/Indeck


Chains, Clinker Grinders, Pneumatic and Hydraulic Fittings and Pipe, Fly Ash Nozzles. Classifier Screens, Dust Collectors

  • Allen Sherman Hoff
  • Combustion Engineering
  • Detroit Stoker
  • Epoch
  • FMC
  • Link Belt
  • National
  • Process Equipment
  • Riley
  • United Conveyor
  • Zurn